Friday, 2 May 2014

More artwork...from my classes!

Here are 2 finished pieces. The drawing has had another 3-5 hours on it. Still have lots to work on especially the body and some more values on the fur around the face of the dog.

The "Dove" called "Keeping Warm" is a 11x14 acrylic I finished in my acrylic class last night. I think I would still prefer oils as they take longer time to dry and feel like "butter" when mixing.

The strawberries called "Berry-Berry" is also an acrylic I started this past winter. (finally finished it) They both need varnishing and then wire for hanging.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A couple of pencil drawings!

These are a couple of pencil drawings I have been working on for my "Drawing Class" showing the students how I start out and bring the drawing to completion by using values and shading.
The drawing of the dog is a photo I took from a friend's FB page. I liked the position of the dog to create an interesting composition. You can see the "body" is sketched in which is how I start all of the drawings to get the form and proportions correct. When I feel they are right I start to layer in shading leaving the real darks until later. I like to build up to the real darks. The dog drawing isn't finished so I could show how I begin the work.

The horse is finished (I think!) The tail could use a bit more detailing but I like to study the drawing for awhile before I add anymore. You can see how dark you can be in a pencil drawing. I use various leads starting with HB up to 8HB. I also use a 2H for real small details. This really "pushes" the lead into the grain of the paper to create the heavy the tail.

So, I will be posting some more water colours soon and a few oils! I will keep you more up to date than I did in the past year.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

It has been a long while!

Well! Where do I begin!!!
It has been almost a year since I have wrote in the Blog...last year was an eventful one for me. The biggest thing and most disturbing emotionally was the loss of my dog Dan, he had spleen cancer and had just turned 14. My best friend and follower. Then I had a double knee replacement which has taken a few months out of my life for recovery I am fine now and am back at painting full time. I have several pieces here to show you some are finished some still need some "tweaking"I will provide a bit of information on each post.
Comments both critical and complimentary are much appreciated feel free!
 "Lookout" 24"x24" Acrylic

 "Winter Shadows" Oil 24"x24"

 "Sunny" Acrylic 24"x24"

 "Happy B'Day" Oil 24"x24"(Unfinished)

 "Afternoon" Oil (Unfinished)

  "Trinity"(Unfinished) Pen & Ink 9"x7"