Monday, 7 May 2012

The first pen & ink assignment for my spring class!

I finished the first assignment drawing that I gave my class, and just had prints done today to demonstrate the water colour application in Wednesdays' class. Then we tackle a winter scene. This robin was waiting for water in our birdbath several weeks ago and I took his photo. He has his other leg tucked up against his chest. This bothered some of my students so they opted to add another leg to the picture. Artistic licence is always welcome in my classes and I encourage them to use their own photos for reference if at all possible! 
I was at the CSPWC annual general meeting this past Saturday, where we elected in "new members". It is always a pleasure to see new work and faces in our group. It gives us a chance to see our "old" friends and to catch up on their art projects. 
On another note...when my classes are finished at the end of June, we will be going to the east coast where I hope to finally get some plein air work done!!! Can't wait...