Sunday, 27 February 2011

Second session of painting!

This is the second session on this "woods" painting.
I have started to add some darks and establish the cooler blues and rose colour to the snow in shadow. I also have defined some of the trees in the direct sunlight. I am going to study the work so far and decide how I want the cast shadows from the trees to go. I think rather than straight down they should be in a direction either left or right. This would direct the viewer's eye into the painting and be more interesting.
I'll post the next session in a couple of days!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Starting another studio piece!

Well, after a frustrating day of errands...I decided to start a new painting. This will be a woodland scene in winter. i love the colours, warm tones against the cool blues & greens of snow. This is a photo of the first lay -in or wash of colours. I try to establish my lights and rough in of shapes of the trees.
I will post the painting at different stages of completion. I'm sure there will be times of frustration! I usually get "stuck" around the 1/2 way point. I have sometimes put the painting away for several weeks and start something new!
Here goes the journey...                 30"x40"

Friday, 25 February 2011

Still Learning how to blog???

Well, after several re-designs I am getting close to what I like to see when I read blogs! It still isn't too interesting so i haven't notified anyone that I am doing this!!! Seems pointless to have a blog then if no one knows about it!

My introverted self is showing!!!  Art is moving on about as well as this blog! Going no where fast!

Back to the computer? Or to the easel? I think easel....

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My first blog post!

I started a blog today to try and get myself to paint on a regular basis and get tips from several other artists and followers.
I hope to post finished paintings as well as sketches and even some commercial work. I will explain my painting process and places I paint from. I am trying to paint more "en plein air".( Means painting outside in all kinds of weather,bugs and changing light! Difficult at first but gets some what easier!

A bit about me...I have been an architectural renderer since 1980 working from plans and painting every brick,shingle and matching builders' colour schemes has kept me on a very narrow and tight style of art. (hope to change)... I am an elected member of the "Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour" CSPWC since 1995 and painted in water colour for years and have recently switched to oils. I love the creamy texture of oil paint and find the  vibrant colour much more appealing!

So,  I hope you enjoy my blog and please make comments or suggestions!