Friday, 26 August 2011

Third Session on this piece!

Well, I am pleased with my progress on this painting...didn't meet my end of the week deadline so I am moving it forward till Monday! I have books to do for my accountant, (a job I would put off forever...they were due Aug. 1st.)
This painting I have been trying not to paint every detail I am working on well thought out placement of value and colour rather than every branch. I really admire the work of American artist "Clyde Aspevig" he is a master at painting realism without painting ALL the details. Check His work out at You won't be disappointed! (that's if you like realism).

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Second Session of painting!

Well this is the second pass on this painting, and I must say I do like it so far! (Unusual for me) I am trying to achieve a realistic painting with out using great amounts of detail. I feel I lose a lot of "feeling" in my work by over working the piece. (commonly called "over kill") I should leave details to my drawings and commercial work! So, here it is....any comments are more than welcome, even negative!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Beginning.....again!

Well, here is the first pass on top of an older painting that never made it! It is the "block-in" stage. I am establishing the composition, darks and basic colours. From this point I will develop the whole piece and hopefully finish it within 1 week! I am teaching on Wed. and I have to put together the fall classes' supply lists. I can't believe summer is just about to come to an end...I wait all year for 3 months. Maybe a home in the south? Dreamin' never hurt anyone did it?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Well deserved break!

We rented a cottage for the week of Aug1st -Aug.6th. It was a nice break from things that have been going on here. The cottage was nice but we were disappointed that the water wasn't suitable for swimming. The photos showed it was on a river opening up to Little Bald Lake. However, it was quite swampy and full of weeds. And our other dog, Dan, got a severe skin infection and had to be brought in to the vets. This wasn't from the water but his immune system was low due to the depression He is having from the loss of Toby. I had to teach on Wed. so we returned home on Tuesday evening and then went back to the cottage on Friday. Needless to say the "vacation" wasn't what we had planned but a needed rest all the same. I have posted 2 photos from the spot. It was good for painting purposes and I started a small "sketch" which will work itself into a larger painting. I did several pencil drawings and they help to keep the "observation" skills honed!
I will be attending a "Meet The Artist" event at Gallery on The lake in Buckhorn this weekend and will have a couple of new paintings to show. (sorry if this is repeat information; I need to keep advertising!)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Well, hard as it is to believe...I finally finished this "Winter Light" painting. It is going to be at Gallery On The Lake  in Buckhorn, Ontario; for the weekend event on August 13th from 1PM till 4 PM. It is a "meet the Artist" weekend and I will be there on the 13th. I will have some selected "new works" for the event only. Hope to see everyone there!