Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well, like I mentioned at the start of this painting...I'm stuck! In order to keep the flow going I stopped work on the large piece and did a couple of "Forest" studies. I have posted the images here. They are just works for colour, experiments in season change and patterns of light. These are 9"x12" canvases that I have ready in the studio  with a wash of "burnt orange" toned canvas. I like the warm orange because I  seem to paint with cool colours and the orange shows thru to warm up my work.
These studies are not finished paintings so I usually "loosen" up and avoid my dreaded "detail". I will probably varnish these and sell them.
Stay tuned...the large one is not forgotten!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Here's the Third session!

Well, I'm starting to see the return of detailing. I really have to sit back at this point and take notice of what I am trying to do. I do like detail but find you really lose the "feeling" with Oils very quickly. My detail works well with illustration and watercolour, as good drawing is usually a great start for watercolours.

However, back to this thing... I put more variations of dark blues,rose and even green into the snow shadows. I didn't blend them either (another problem I have from watercolour, it blends so nice with the flow of water!) My biggest problem is going to be the trees...I would love to put in every branch!!! Yikes...what AM I doing?

I am getting so close to ruining a great start! I did a small 16"x20" that is on my web site that inspired this painting, (Can't See The Trees" named because there are so many and not many branches!). It is much looser because the small size isn't as intimidating to me. I can afford to throw a small one to the pit! (fire pit) I am going to see this through, bare with me! Maybe the next session will be an improvement.

I see I still haven't enticed any followers...maybe I'm just ranting to myself here. I could be losing my own mind rather than a painting. Well one thing is for sure. It is making me think about what it is I am trying to achieve. I've never been a "journal" writer (like Oprah) but she swears by it. So, this is my journal or journey to a better way of painting!