Tuesday, 26 July 2011

When summer mornings look like this I feel so happy to be an artist! It is about 6:30 AM and I was out driving around my Mother's area looking for inspiration...found some! Mosquitoes and deer flies were out in full force and painting on location (for me) was not an option. These biting pests ruin everything!!!

I made some quick notes and a small sketch. I needed the break this past weekend. I am finding the loss of Toby to be quite overwhelming. He followed me continuously and always had to be touching me. A big paw on my foot, a nose on my lap etc. We still have Dan, but he is a real loner and we have to coax him up to meet us when we come home!

Well, on the work front...I managed to get 2 teaching jobs for the start of September. Now I have 3 classes. I can hardly wait! It has made me realize that I need to figure out the why of things. I tend to just jump in to my work and to teach something, you must have a logical and correct way to proceed in order to explain things to students. I have a pen & ink class  and a beginners watercolour class at the Seniors Centre in Newmarket. I also have my watercolour class in Toronto which starts at the end of September.

So, I am back to the easel and will post the finished paintings soon!

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