Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Busy,Hot andTroubled!

Well, these 3 words sum up how the past few days have been. My 6 yr. old Newfie-X, Toby seems to be losing His battle with bone cancer. I am afraid I have a very difficult decision soon. So this explains "troubled". Hot! I want to get out and do some "plein air" work but the heat is unbearable and thus mosquitoes are thriving! I don't need to "give blood" for their cause. So, studio work has been going rather well.
I am teaching for 1 1/2 hours today, and 1 hour every Wed. so with prep work for classes and trying to get new pieces for myself this explains busy! I need to get "new" work into the Gallery's soon before the summer season ends.


                                                    Pastel Study 12.5"X9.5"

                                           Watercolour 21.5"X19.5"

Winter Scene  30"X40"

These are the paintings I have been working on (None are complete). If anyone wants to see "Toby" there are pictures of both my dogs on my facebook page.

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