Thursday, 24 February 2011

My first blog post!

I started a blog today to try and get myself to paint on a regular basis and get tips from several other artists and followers.
I hope to post finished paintings as well as sketches and even some commercial work. I will explain my painting process and places I paint from. I am trying to paint more "en plein air".( Means painting outside in all kinds of weather,bugs and changing light! Difficult at first but gets some what easier!

A bit about me...I have been an architectural renderer since 1980 working from plans and painting every brick,shingle and matching builders' colour schemes has kept me on a very narrow and tight style of art. (hope to change)... I am an elected member of the "Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour" CSPWC since 1995 and painted in water colour for years and have recently switched to oils. I love the creamy texture of oil paint and find the  vibrant colour much more appealing!

So,  I hope you enjoy my blog and please make comments or suggestions!

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