Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Well....you would think once you finished your stint of teaching one would have more time to paint!!! Not so. After a 10 day trip to Nova Scotia (not long enough as the place was beautiful!) I just finished a house commission, turned down a HUGE commission due to time restraints..they wanted 4 large commercial areas drawn & completed by Sept. 5th & I was to start today! (Not possible without working like a maniac, & I'm not up to it anymore. So I passed even though the money would have been very nice! Now, I can concentrate on what I LUV to do...PAINT! Hurray!

                                          Leaving Toronto Island Airport
                                          Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton
                                          Atlantic Side of Cape Breton
                                          Just finished House Commission
                                          I took 475 Photos! I have lots of reference now....just gotta paint!

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