Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Home Show results!

Well, the show wasn't what I had hoped but I did sell, so...not a total wash out! Saturday we had torrential rains accompanied by thunder & lightning! That kept several art enthusiast's at home. Sunday was beautiful. I learned a few things about home shows. Advertise extensively and everywhere, and hold the show before "cottage" season opens...before May 24th!!!!
I was pleased to have sold 2 of my pencil drawings. I have always liked pencil work and until this weekend have never really felt they were appreciated (they are very labour intensive!) I have posted a couple of images of some of the sales. Now the show is behind me I can get back to painting. I will post the results as they happen, or hope they happen!

My teaching watercolour is finished in 2 weeks and the "Freehand Art School" in Toronto has asked me to come back in September! I am looking forward to it. I learn a lot from the students I just hope they do from me!

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